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    60 Day Survival Box Black

    Slappy's team of man types put together just the right amount of manly gear for the essential 60-day survival box in our deep rich Black scent. Add this to your 60-day subscription and save big. Includes:

    Man Mist -1

    Solid Cologne - 1

    Ball Butter - 1

    Beard Balm - 1

    Full-Size Black Bar - 1

    Full-Size Black Scrubber Bar - 1

    All-Natural Deodorant - 1

    One ounce Full Body Lotion -1

    Sample Size Laundry Detergent - 1

    The Black
    We created this scent to be perfect for a night on the town. All-natural earthy tones of cedarwood vanilla, sandalwood, and Egyptian Amber set this custom blend apart from anything you have ever tested. A personal favorite of the scent maker.