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    The Story

    Why Bro?

    I had always been in search of products made for men that did not smell like the not-so-great outdoors, like trees, grass, bark, pine needles, etc., or like a Hollywood nightclub on a Saturday night, (those who know, know). 

    Humble Beginnings

    I began making candles as a way to disconnect from my day to day workload. After a little time and a lot of wax and essential oils, I developed a few very unique manly type scents that not only brought me happiness but also the people I shared them with.


    Late in 2016, I started making cold processed soaps. I worked through hundreds of different recipes and read a lot of literature, watched YouTube videos, read blogs, and even prayed to the Lords of Lather until I finally developed the recipe that was of higher quality than anything I had experienced before and it left my skin feeling clean and moisturized. 

    The Passion

    "Slappy’s is a passion, a dream that has visited me every night since it was first conceived. It was a burning feeling in my soul to create this company, I really had no choice. I am so happy that I did."

    ~ Steven Harlow

    The Products

    Slappy’s products include soaps, candles, and what I like to call “curiosities”. Curiosities are products like Slappy’s “Ball Butter”, a natural way for men to stay fresh all day and night without harmful colognes or powders or whatever else we men have attempted in the past.

    All-natural manly scented foaming face and body sugar shower scrubs, face masks loaded with natural clay, activated charcoal and essential oils to beard oils, shave butters, and a huge fam favorite, Slappy’s “Man Mist”.

    All-natural Man Mist is just that, a light airy manly scented mist that has been known to spark the war cries of Vikings and invoke the overwhelming feeling of manliness and freedom to all who use it, please use responsibly.  

    Slappy’s products are 100% made in the USA in small batches with all-natural or organic ingredients. We have no investors, no board members wanting profit over quality. Just us, bringing you the highest quality made in the USA products with the lowest footprint possible for the best price. 

    The Promise

    Starting a business like this is expensive and tasking, although a labor of love, we have to work with what is available. Some of our packaging are not where we would like it to be (plastic bottles etc.). Our goal for Slappy’s is to use only USA recycled packaging sourced from the most responsible American companies available. As our buying power becomes more prevalent, the packaging will become 100% from recycled materials from responsible partners (socially, economically, geographically, and environmentally). We love you for all your support! Let's do this!