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    30 Day VIP BOX

    Each 30 Day VIP Box contains a collection of Slappy's favorites. Loaded with our new VIP scented products valued at over $100.00 available for just $50.00 (subscribe for a deeper discount) plus free shipping. Each box includes one all-natural deodorant, one Man Mist, one Ball Butter, one solid cologne, one beard balm, one bar of Slappy's VIP soap and, one VIP scented, soy blend personal candle. The perfect gift for any man. 


    Our VIP scent

    This all-natural, carefully crafted scent is a woodsy, manly blend of red cardamom, amber crystal, with middle notes of coconut water, ginger root, and sandalwood, sitting on earthy base notes canella bark, patchouli resin, and vanilla extract.