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    Laundry Detergent - Paradise Cove Beach

    Slappy's Luxury PARADISE COVE BEACH scented Liquid Detergent - 32oz is a Household Cleaner that will change your thoughts about laundry day. With its powerful concentrated cleaning formula, this liquid detergent will leave your clothes fresh and clean.

    Key features:
    - 32oz bottle
    - Luxury scented
    - Powerful cleaning formula

    Smells like:

    Our Paradise Cove Beach Bar scent - A rich coconutty scent complex in its blend of essential oils to give you the feeling of laying on the sand of your favorite beach. It's a true vacation for your senses. 

    Say goodbye to tough stains and odors with just two tablespoons of this luxury-scented liquid detergent. Its powerful cleaning formula is tough on dirt, but gentle on your clothes, leaving them looking and smelling great.

    This 32oz bottle of Luxury Liquid Detergent is perfect for households of all sizes, providing enough detergent to last for multiple loads.

    So why settle for ordinary laundry detergents when you can have our custom popular scents and the superior cleaning power of a Luxury Liquid Detergent? Try it today!


    •  FOR USE WITH BOTH HIGH EFFICIENCY (HE) AND TOP LOADING MACHINES: use 1-2 oz. per 10 lb. for light soil load and 4 oz. for heavy soil; approximately 426 standard loads; comes with durable dispensing pump for perfect measurements every time (one ounce of liquid dispensed per full stroke)


    • 🌎 EARTH FRIENDLY: biodegradable and free from phosphates, enzymes, DEA, MEA, NTA, and VOC (no carbon emissions); no fillers or caustic chemicals; concentrated so less is needed than regular powders and liquids; safe for septic tanks; packaging is 100% recyclable


    • 🏛️ PERFECT FOR COMMERCIAL AND HOUSEHOLD USE: trusted by schools, hospitals, hotels, sports/athletic departments, and other large institutions


    • 🇺🇸 MADE IN THE USA: specially formulated and tested for high performance by experienced local experts; have confidence your cleaning products contain superior ingredients and are never tested on animals