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    All-natural vegan soaps, lotions, face masks, and body scrubs for the manliest of men.  


    How and why?


    First and foremost, all of our products are sourced from the finest quality ingredients and supplies from ethical producers. Slappy’s will never sacrifice quality for price, ever! 


    Slappy's soap making process


    The best soaps are always made with care and health in mind. Out of all the ways to create soap we choose to use the wholesome "Cold Process" method for our soap bars.


    How does it work?


    Lye is mixed with water, our natural base oils, and butters. The lye forms with the oils during the process and causes the oils to "saponify" or harden over time. When the soap is completely cured, there is very little, or no lye retained in the soap as it is removed during this process.


    Cold Process means that our bars are saponified without added heat or chemicals and take just over a month to harden and cure before the soap is ready for use. All the soap bars are hand-poured and hand-cut.  All soap bars contain a base of oils that have been thoughtfully chosen to combine a bar that is cleansing, moisturizing, and invigorating  (olive, coconut, rice bran, shea butter, and responsibly sourced palm). In addition, the bars may contain exfoliants such as activated charcoal, oatmeal, or sea salt that give additional health benefits.


    One of the biggest benefits of our soap making process vs. conventional soap or body wash is that it is actual soap and not detergent. This means that it is much better for your skin as it retains all of the vegetable glycerin that is often stripped away in commercially made soaps to be used in other products such as moisturizers, balms, and butters. 


    Each of the main soap ingredients has individual moisturizing properties, but through experimentation and research, a foundation was formed in the soaps that work interdependently. The ingredients complement each other and truly allow your skin to experience the natural moisturizing benefits throughout the day. From start to finish Slappy's soap has been carefully made with a precise natural element of cleanliness and overall skin health in mind.